Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Starbux?
    Starbux is an online advertising platform, where advertisers can reach thousands of potential customers, which could result in an exploding number of successful sales and traffics. You can earn money through advertisements clicks, other membersÂ’ sponsoring and through commissions that can reach up to $50. You can even sell your referrals at the price you choose.
  2. How does Starbux work?
    StarBux resulted of more than a year hard work, in order to offer ever seen features within the existing PTCs. Our goal is to make you earn the maximum amount of money at the minimum time. Thus, there is no way to make you waste time in a "StarGrid" or in managing virtual referrals renting. With us, you are fully free to manage your referrals the way you want, as long as they remain yours.
  3. What is the maximum inactivity time allowed?
    You are considered inactive if you do not make, at least, one advertisement click a day. After 10 days of inactivity, your two balances are reset to zero. After 30 days of inactivity, your account is definitively closed.
  4. How many times can I click on the same ad?
    You can click on an ad once a day; it will be accessible again after server time midnight.
  5. What do you mean by "Days Off"?
    Days off allow you to earn commissions on clicks, without login to during the day. Indeed, in such case, Starbux automatically assigns you the number of clicks you made the day before. You'll be considered to be active during your day off.
  6. How can I have those Days Off?
    The days off are automatically assigned during upgrades, the number of days depends on the purchased pack. Members with 365 days upgrade pack receive 1 day off per 30 days; in addition to that, they will receive extra gift days during the first week of upgrade.
  7. What is the maximum gain I can have from clicks commissions?
    There is no earnings limit! The more you click, the more you earn. You earn from your referral what is equivalent to how many clicks you made the day before. For example, if you clicked the day before on 18 ads, you'll earn up to 18 referrals clicks commissions.
  8. What about the payment methods?
    You can today deposit and withdraw money only via PayPal, we plan to add Neteller as a second option.
  1. What is the difference between enabled referrals and disabled referrals?
    Enabled referrals are referrals you get clicks commission from. DR are referrals you intend to sell on the market or those which don't comply to your needs.
  2. Does it mean that I can have upgrade commissions of disabled referrals?
    Of course! The only difference between disabled and enabled referrals is the one cited above.
  3. How can I sell my referrals?
    You can sell a package of referrals; it can contain as many referrals as you want. Once created, you can put it on the market at any time you want.
  4. What are Rewarded Campaigns?
    Rewarded Campaigns are our way to attract users to Starbux. Members receive rewards that other members made at their disposal during the registration.
  5. What is the validity of those Rewarded Campaigns?
    Each Rewarded Campaign is limited by the number of beneficiaries or the number of days.
  6. From which balance the reward amount is given?
    The total campaign amount is blocked in order to ensure the award attribution to all potential referrals. For instance, if you launched a RC for 100 referrals with 1$ reward each, 100$ will be withdrawn from your balance. If the campaign ends before reaching the specified number of referrals, what remains of the blocked amount will be recovered.
  1. I have acquired new referrals, but when I want to create a package they do not appear.
    Only referrals that are acquired for more than a week are available to create packages.
  2. There are no packages in the market!
    The packages are highly requested by members of Starbux and are sold immediately ounce available on the market. Note that the market will be open one week after the launch of (cf. the previous question).
  3. What is the referral price?
    Only the seller decides of the package price. The buyer evaluates that price in comparison with the average of that package referrals clicks.
  4. Why the average is not displayed on the market?
    The average view is only accessible to, not less, than 3 stars members. It is strictly forbidden to disclose this information; this could result in an account suspension!
  5. How many packages can I buy / sell?
    There is no limit! You can buy / sell as many packages as you want.
  1. How can I advertise on Starbux?
    First, add a link on "My links" and wait for the validation of admins. Once validated, head to '' Fixed ads" or "PTC ads" to buy clicks for your link.
  2. What is the difference between fixed advertisements and PTC ads?
    Fixed advertisements allow you to have visits from all members of Starbux during 1, 3, 10, or 30 days. PTC ads allow you to purchase the number of clicks you want, your link will disappear once the clicks number is achieved.
  3. My link gains are more than the clicks amount I bought.
    Indeed, unconnected or registered Internet users can visit your link; these visits are not deducted from the purchased clicks.
  4. I bought fixed advertisements for my link; yet, the number of clicks still blocked.
    Since your link receives indefinite visits, clicks are not recorded on fixed advertisements.
  5. Are the visitors unique?
    Yes! We allow only one visit per member per IP address; we even prohibit connections of two accounts with the same IP address.
  6. What cannot be advertised?
    Framebreakers, adult content, sites with popups, racism, spamming, forced downloads